Our solidity developer is Gen (hence the name!). Gen (AKA Steven Hall) is the lead developer at GenTokens. He is fully doxed and strives to create safe places for investors. He is the host of the GenTokens YouTube Channel and creator of the GenTokens Telegram Community, both of which focus on helping investors to identify and avoid scams.


Option 1 - Pre-Sale (With Reflections Rewards)

This contract is suitable for tokens that plan to launch with a pre-sale. Do not choose this option if you are doing a fair launch. It also includes reflection rewards in the native token to existing holders.

Option 2 - Fair Launch (With Reflection Rewards)

Fair launch contracts need additional protection from sniper bots. If you are not doing a per-sale, and you plan to offer reflection rewards, choose this option. It also includes reflection rewards in the native token to existing holders.

Option 3 - Pre Sale or Fair Launch (No Reflection Rewards)

By removing the reflection rewards code completely, we have more space available within the contract. Therefore this non-reflections contract is able to provide the sniper bot protection required for a fair launch and the convenience of wallet settings needed for pre-sales and private sale. If you do not intend to offer reflection rewards, choose this option.

PRICE: 1 BNB (+deployment gas)

(Alternative Payment Option: 0 BNB + deployment gas and 1% ongoing transaction fee)

If you opt to pay nothing now, your contract will include an ongoing 1% transaction fee. This can be removed at any time for a cost of 2 BNB. Remember that you will also need BNB for your initial liquidity, and to cover the gas costs of deployment.


Token Fees

After creating your token, you will be able to set your fees. You can set buy and sell fees separately. Fee options include: BNB Wallet, Token Wallet, Auto Liquidity, Auto Deflationary Burn.

Wallet limits

You have the option to limit the maximum transaction and the maximum holing. This prevents whale wallets from scaring off potential investors and helps to mitigate token dumps.

Deflationary Burn

You can choose to have tokens that are sent to burn to be removed from the total supply, making your token truly deflationary.

Anti Bot Code and Safe Launch Protocols

If you are doing a fair launch, your contract needs protection from sniper bots. we do this in two ways. First, you can manually blacklist wallets that are known bot users before launch. Second, the contract detects people that using sniper bots and limits them to only buying 0.01% of supply. They are then block from buying again for 2 minutes.

Additional Token Features

  • Reflection Rewards to Holders (Option 1 and 2 Only) (more info)
  • External BNB Wallet (more info)
  • External Token Wallet (more info)
  • No Fee to Transfer (more info)
  • Ability to Add New Liquidity Pairs (more info)
  • Transaction and Holding Limits (more info)
  • Fully Automated Fee Processing (more info)
  • Auto Liquidity (more info)
  • BNB Marketing Wallet (more info)
  • Combined "Contract Sells" (more info)
  • Buyer Confidence (more info)

Congratulations on your new Gen Token.

If you do not have enough liquidity you're going to run into problems. Ideally you need at least 1 BNB for your initial liquidity. If you can not afford this, you shouldn't be making a token. Anything below 1 BNB may cause the trade button to be disabled on PooCoin.

What Makes Tokens by GEN Truly Unique?

Tokens by GEN is not 'Just Another Token Generator', it's a fully-externalized utility that constantly pumps GEN token. Every token created here feeds GEN, the flagship token of the GenTokens Community.



When creating your token, you can choose to pay upfront (prices start from 1BNB per contract) or pay nothing upfront, and have an ongoing 1% fee on future transactions. Whichever option you choose, we put your money to very good use! 50% of all profits generated are used to support GEN token.

This is done in the following ways...

  • Buying GEN to Pump The Price

    The most obvious way that we support GEN is to use BNB from our Token Generator fees to purchase GEN token. Each buy pumps the chart a little more, constantly increasing the price.
  • Creating Liquidity to Raise The Price Floor

    The GEN tokens that we purchase are paired with other tokens to create more liquidity. We add stability by pairing with stable coins such as BUSD and increase our price floor, helping our token to hit consistent all time highs without becoming too unstable.
  • Feeding the GEN Staking Vault

    We are currently developing a GEN staking vault to reward our loyal investors for holding GEN. Holders that choose to stake GEN will enjoy significant gains, funded by our Token Generator Fees.
  • Marketing!

    Every token needs marketing! Our Token Generator fees are a great way to boost the marketing budget on GEN without having to increase our native fee. In fact, this is one of the main goals of GEN token: To use fully-externalized funding... allowing us to gradually reduce, and eventually remove GEN native fees completely.

Better Grab Yourself Some GEN!

Token Generator Tools are incredibly popular. They provide a cheap, fast and easy way to create a token. Usually, the income they generate doesn't help you in any way, but Tokens by GEN is different. Our fees directly support GEN. If you're already holding GEN, then paying to use our tool to generate a token will pump your bag. If you're not yet holding GEN, use the links below to find out more about our project, join our community, and grab yourself some GEN.

All code used at TokensByGEN is protected by license. The code used on contracts created by our tool is not open source. It must not be forked or copied without permission. Contracts must not be altered outside of the external functions available on the BSCScan contract write page. All code written by Steven Hall (AKA Gen/GenTokens) and used with full permission. 50% of the profits generated by the use of this tool directly support GEN token.

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